Film Location

We have over 30 years of experience as stylists and as a consequence there is an unique attention to detail at Manor Farm. 

The house, outbuildings, garden and land present a diverse and interesting background for photo shoots and films with a lifetime collection of antiques and architectural salvage available as a selection of props. 

The farmhouse with it’s styled tables, dressers and shelves, the outbuildings with their crumbling plaster and “witches marks” or “apotropaic” figures carved by either the builder or owners to ward off evil spirits, the myriad of unique lime based paint colours, the farm animals, the lake, the vegetable garden and orchards all provide an array of photographic choice.

Accommodation and meals are available for limited numbers on the premises with a good selection of hotels and B&B’s in close proximity. Access is easily found with the M5 and A303 only a few miles away.


  • 18th century thatched farmhouse
    6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
    large kitchen, dining Room
    drawing room, study/library
    scullery, courtyard

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lake & orchards

  • swimming lake and wildlife pond
    fishing hut, pontoon and boat
    home orchards with eating apples 
    cider apple orchards with mistletoe
    beehives and lambing shed

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Garden Gallery

  • wild flower garden
    vegetable and herb gardens
    potting shed and greenhouse
    tree lined drive and lawn
    painted gypsy caravan

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farm & outbuildings

  • red ruby cattle and jacob sheep
    geese, ducks, chickens and bantams
    1960’s massey ferguson tractor
    coach house, listed barn, cider barn
    dutch barn, carport, stables

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